Learning resources

On this page you'll find lesson plans and activities for classroom learning, as well as resources to support self-led trails around the Museum.

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Activities and lesson plans

Topic collections for primary science

Films, articles and downloadable resources that can support the teaching of science units topics for KS1 + KS2

Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure

You don't need to have visited Dippy to use these cross-curricular activities and lesson plans that explore the natural world both now and in the time of the dinosaurs.

For Key Stages 1-2

Exploring urban nature

Over 30 activities to help students study urban biodiversity and the issues affecting their local environment.

Themes cover climate change, pollution and urban habitats.

For Key Stage 3

The Dino Directory

Discover facts, figures and images for more than 300 dinosaurs.

For Key Stages 1-4 and Post-16

Evolution: spot the adaptations in Darwin's finches

Compare the beaks of six of Darwin's Finches from the Galápagos Islands - a useful starter video for a lesson on adaptation and evolution.

Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) learning resources

Take teaching outdoors, learn new skills and contribute to real scientific research with OPAL.

For Key Stages 1-4 and Post-16

Try this at home

Activities and crafts for you to do in and around your home

Supporting your museum visit

Free gallery booklets

These interactive booklets are filled with activities that guide students through specific galleries and encourage them to engage with the Museum’s exhibits.

For Key Stages 1-3

Activities for Museum visits

Students can record the exhibits they find in the Museum and improve their powers of observation with these free worksheets.

For Key Stages 1-3

Video: Inspirational teachers

Three Museum scientists share memories of very important people in their lives - the teachers who first sparked their passion for science.