Explore and Discover gallery guides

Picture of a young student with one of the Museum's Explore and Discover guides

Our Explore and Discover guides help your pupils make the most of their journey through the Museum.

These interactive booklets are filled with activities that guide students through our galleries and encourage them to engage with the Museum’s exhibits. 

You can download PDF versions by following the links on this page.

We are currently redeveloping our school resources in order to keep them up to date and relevant. If you have any queries about ways to support your visit, please contact our school bookings team who will do their best to advise you.

Free downloadable activities for Museum visits

Ideas for activities your school group can do at the Museum, with pre-visit tips and follow-up ideas. For Key Stages 1-3.

Key Stage 1

Dinosaurs: Become a dinosaur detective

Discover how dinosaurs fed and reproduced. Make observations, answer questions and learn how to describe life process.

Gallery: Dinosaurs gallery

Student guide PDF (4.0MB)

Materials: Unearth the treasure game

Explore the similarities and differences between rocks by describing and comparing their appearances. Use the senses to explore and recognise different materials.

Gallery: Earth’s Treasury gallery

Student guide PDF (3.4MB)

Key Stage 2

Rocks and soils: Dig the geologist challenge

Examine and compare rocks, minerals and gems. Explore how and why different materials are used for different purposes.

Gallery: Earth’s Treasury gallery

Student guide PDF (2.5MB)

Key Stage 3

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Find out about the world’s major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and their impact on people. Explore the science of plate tectonics.

Galleries: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Student guide PDF (2.3MB)