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Use the menu icon to bring up a bookshelf of all the books currently in the system. Select "view book" to open the book.

If you have got the book into a position where it is difficult to view you may wish to get back to the starting position of the book. Click reset to achieve this.

Clicking this icon rotates the book in view by 90 degree increments, so you can click through to 90, 180 and 270 degrees. If you use this tool, you may want to click on reset if it's easier to get back to a standard view that way.

Clicking on the + icon will zoom in, clicking on the - will zoom out.

If you click the move icon, the move facility will be activated. By clicking and holding down on the book you will be able to move it around your virtual desktop. When you have it in the position you want, click on the move tool again to deselect it.

This central panel shows the currently active book as a thumbnails. You can click and hold to the right arrow to cycle through the book and click to the left to cycle back. Let go when you see the pages you want and you will snap directly to those pages.

This will bring up a text panel that contains text relevant to the pages. You can leave it up as you navigate through a book and the text will automatically refresh.

This will play an audio file related to the pages if they have one.

Problems or Suggestions?
If you experience any bugs in the application or have suggestions as to how we might improve it, contact us. Turning the Pages 2.0 is a constantly evolving application, so we will change it often.

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