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Host-parasite database

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  • Parasite group: Trematodes
  • Parasite subgroup: Strigeidae
  • Parasite genus: Strigea
  • Parasite species: falconis Szidat, 1928
  • Host genus: Accipiter
  • Host species: cooperii
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1.    Parasite:  Strigea falconis Szidat, 1928    
  From:  Accipiter cooperii    In the wild
  Locality:  United States
  Comments:  Wisconsin/Minnesota
  Reference:  (Taft, S.J., Suchow, K. & Van Horn, M.,) (1993) 'Helminths from some Minnesota and Wisconsin raptors.' Journal of the Helminthological Society of Washington, 60(2): 260-263 , 2 tabs.