Electronic inventory of European bird collections

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Liverpool Museum (LivCM)

What is in the bird collection?

Skins 48192
Egg sets 12000
Skeletons 700
Mounts n/a
Spirits n/a
Nests 180
Other Items n/a


Current staff
Full name Job title eBEAC member
Clemency T. Fisher curator of birds & mammals No
Malcolm J. Largen herpetologist but occasionally No
Tony Parker ass. curator vertebrates No
Important past bird staff
Full name Job title eBEAC member
H. O. Forbes No
L. Fraser No
E. Lear No
T. J. Moore No
P. J. Morgan No
H. G. Robinson No
R. Wagstaffe No

Special collections

Name Country (from)
India Mus. United Kingdom
Mus. J. C. Godeffroy United Kingdom
St. Helen’s Museum United Kingdom
Voy. Beagle United Kingdom
W. Bullock coll./Mus. Leverianum United Kingdom
Webster-Harris exp. United Kingdom


Important collections from
  • J. Abbot
  • T. Ayres
  • Bates
  • T. Bridges
  • W. E. Brooks
  • W. Buller
  • W. Bullock
  • J. Burke
  • W. D. Cowan
  • H. Cuming
  • W. R. Davison
  • H. O. Forbes
  • L. Fraser
  • E. Gerrard
  • W. T. Gerrard
  • J. Gilbert
  • Mus. J. C. Godeffroy
  • J. Gould
  • J. H. Gurney
  • G. Henderson
  • Inglis
  • W. Jardine
  • T. C. Jerdon
  • F. H. Kirby
  • J. Latham
  • E. L. Layard
  • C. L. Layard
  • J. Leadbeater
  • J. MacGillivray
  • L. Mandelli
  • E. W. Oates
  • R. C. L. Perkins
  • H. Pryer
  • P. Rendell
  • G. E. Richards
  • W. Rowan
  • H. Salt
  • O. Salvin
  • A. Smith
  • Stanley
  • W. Swainson
  • R. Swinhoe
  • H. B. Tristram
  • Verreaux
  • A. R. Wallace
  • Whitfield
  • S. Whitmee
  • A. Whyte
  • J. G. Williams

Liverpool Museum

National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside, Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN, United Kingdom

0151 478 4393



The zoology collection numbers around 1.2 million specimens. These are split between Invertebrate Zoology (insects, arachnids, shells and others) and Vertebrate Zoology (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish). The vertebrate collections include approximately 79,000 specimens and are rich in specimens over a hundred years old. However, significant early invertebrate holdings were largely destroyed in May 1941 during the blitz. The subsequent proactive acquisition of specimens has allowed the museum to assemble a nationally important, relatively modern collection of around 1.1 million insects and other invertebrates. The vertebrate collections have also expanded in modern times.

Brief history

Founded 1851 when the large and much older private coll. Of Lord Stanley (the 13th Earl of Derby) was presented to the City of Liverpool; now funded by the government (formerly by the Merseyside County Council)


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