Electronic inventory of European bird collections

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Zoölogisch Museum, University of Amsterdam (ZMA)

What is in the bird collection?

Skins 53000
Egg sets 5000
Skeletons 1000
Mounts n/a
Spirits 500
Nests n/a
Other Items 14000


Important past bird staff
Full name Job title eBEAC member
Tineke Prins Head No
C. S. Roselaar coll manager No
K H Voous curator ornithologist No

Special collections

Name Country (from)
W. Barentsz Expedition Netherlands


Important collections from
  • O. Bamberg
  • W. Bierman
  • L. P. le Cosquino de Bussy
  • G. A. L. de Haan
  • J. de Korte
  • J. P. Kleiweg de Zwaan
  • G. B. Dinesen
  • A. Eriks
  • G. A. Frank
  • H. Grün
  • D. S. Hoedt
  • V. A. Khakhlov
  • A. Kovacs
  • J. Laenen
  • H. Baron Loudon
  • G.A. Mavromonstakis
  • C. J. Neijssel
  • C. Ragioneri
  • E. Schmitz
  • J. A. Sillem
  • R. C. E. G. J. Snouckaert Snouckaert van Schauburg
  • R. Tancré
  • C. G. B. Ten Kate
  • H. van der Lee
  • W. G. N. van der Sleen
  • J. A. van Franeker
  • A. F. C. A. van Heyst
  • J. G. van Marle
  • S. C. J. W. van Musschenbroek
  • R. von Dombrowski
  • R. von Thanner
  • C. Waldeck
  • C. J. M. Wertheim

Zoölogisch Museum, University of Amsterdam

Postbus 9517, 2300 RA, Leiden, Netherlands




Founded in 1838 by the Royal Zoological Society ‘Natura Artis Magistra’; sold to the University of Amsterdam in the 1930s; the real increase in the coll. did not start until the arrival of the first curator of birds in 1945.

Brief history

In 2010 the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA) merged with those of National Museum for Natural History Naturalis and the Dutch National Herbaria to form Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden.


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