Sandra Knapp

Fieldwork: Difficulties with fieldwork

Hear how Sandy coped with the hazards of fieldwork in exotic locations.

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Sandra Knapp

Researching the botany of Central and South America has seen Sandy navigate a variety of obstacles, from fundraising for fieldtrips to Peru and Guatemala, to surviving truck breakdowns and falling out of trees!

Her research has taken her to botanical institutions all over the world, but Sandy has found that even Kew and the Museum, institutions geographically so close, are very different in their approach to collections management and the scientific working environment. Sandy is appreciative of the breadth of science that is conducted at the Museum, which enables her to deepen her perspective on the natural world.

Sandy joined the Botany Department in 1989 as a NATO postdoctoral fellow and is, to date, Individual Merit Researcher. Sandy is also a regular books reviewer for a wide variety of publications such as Nature and the Times Literary Supplement.