Robert Prys-Jones

Childhood: Interest in birds

Hear how Robert fostered his early interest in ornithology.

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Robert Prys-Jones

Robert is fascinated by the Museum's historical collections. These collections both look to the past, casting light on the lives of their collectors, and to the future, enabling study of evolutionary or environmental processes in novel ways as new techniques are developed. The Museum's bird collections are meaningful for Robert on both a professional and personal level, in their signifance as a resource for scientific study and in his emotional connection with the materials built through on-going curatorial care.

Robert's interest in natural history began at a young age, where he enjoyed studying nature, in particular birds, and writing up his observations. Robert was able to continue pursuing this interest during his career, in the course of which he has conducted research in many parts of the world. In one of these video-clips, Robert refers to his two years of field study on Aldabra. As a part of his work there, Robert was sadly witness to the slide towards extinction of a species: the Aldabra Brush Warbler.