Keith Hyatt

Collections and Specimens: Guy the gorilla

Listen as Keith remembers collecting Guy the gorilla from London Zoo.

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Keith Hyatt

In 1954 and only just out of the National Service, Keith travelled by ship to Nepal on a collecting expedition. Keith remained in Nepal for nine months to collect all manner of specimens, from spiders and small reptiles to amphibians and fish that could only be found in Nepal's fast-running hill streams. Keith was keen to collect those specimens that lay beyond the country's 'known' biodiversity, searching instead for unusual habitats that were unique to Nepal. Keith created a short film of a second expedition to Nepal in 1962, which is now held at the British Film Institute.

Keith conducted a broad range of work at the Museum, including learning to skin varieties of animals, some of which were decidedly more difficult than others. He was also responsible for receiving the specimen of Guy the gorilla from London Zoo, which is now on display in the Museum's Cadogan Treasures Gallery.