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PHW and collaborators in Sweden 2006, from left:
Bjorn Cederberg, Pierre Rasmont, Paul Williams, Sydney Cameron, and Heather Hines,
photo by Lisa Manne.


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The checklist project was begun in 1980 and developed particularly during a study of the west Himalayan fauna and as part of work on the fauna of China. Some of the broader revisions that have had the greatest influence include works by Vogt (1909, 1911), Franklin (1913), Stephen (1957), Milliron (1970b, 1971, 1973a, b), Løken (1973, 1984), Pekkarinen (1979), Reinig (1981), Wang (1982, 1987, 1988), Rasmont (1983, 1988), Thorp et al. (1983), Labougle (1990), and especially the publications by Skorikov (1910-1938) and Tkalcu (1959-1989).


Thanks to:

    • all who have contributed to the discussion of this and previous checklists, including Lucy Bailey, Donald Baker, Andreas Bertsch, Barry Bolton, Alexandr Byvaltsev, Sydney Cameron, Bjorn Cederberg, Sally Corbet, Mick Day, Anne Divers, George Else, Kevin Gaston, Heather Hines, Jiaxing Huang, Chris Humphries, Ian Kitching, Astrid Løken, Rod Macfarlane, Jim Mallet, Russell Miller, Juliet Osborne, Chris O'Toole, Antti Pekkarinen, Chris Plowright, Oliver Prys-Jones, Robert Prys-Jones, Pierre Rasmont, Malcolm Scoble, Chris Starr, Bill Stephen, Robbin Thorp, Borek Tkalcu, Dick Vane-Wright, Doug Yanega, Yao Jian, and Wang Shu-fang, although they do not necessarily share the opinions expressed here
    • Andrew Polaszek for photographing the male genitalia
    • ICZN, for advice on application of the Code to nomenclatural problems
    • NHM Entomology Library
    • Mike Sadka, Mike Lowndes and Maurizio Cornalba for technical advice on compiling these pages.


Please send comments and suggestions to Paul Williams.


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