Smiledon © Trustees of the Natural History Museum

Smiledon © Trustees of the Natural History Museum

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Treasures of the Natural World opens in Taiwan

Treasures of the Natural World, a one-of-a-kind exhibition that brings together the best of the Natural History Museum's collection, has opened in Taiwan. The opening marks the third stop of the exhibition's tour, which has so far enabled a wide audience to experience remarkable objects up close.

More than 200 specimens have been selected from the Museum’s collection for their scientific, historic and cultural importance. The collection traces a centuries-long quest to understand the natural world, from the Enlightenment through to the present day. Many of the items inspired scientific discoveries that changed how we see the world. They reveal historic tales of adventure, and provide insights into some of the world's greatest scientific minds.

Highlights of the exhibition include a selection from the personal collections of Charles Darwin that inspired his theory of evolution through natural selection. Also on display will be an Iguanodon bone that helped give dinosaurs their name, and a rare Martian meteorite that fell to Earth in 1911 after a comet or asteroid’s collision with Mars blasted it out into space 11 million years earlier.

Today natural history collections remain a vital resource for scientists working to understand life on our planet, the impact of future change and how to enable a sustainable future. Touring the Museum’s collections can help inspire a greater audience and educate the scientists and decision makers of the future.

Sir Michael Dixon, Director of the Natural History Museum, says:

“Only by working with partners such as udnFunlife can we share these treasures with audiences beyond London. We wish our friends in Taipei the very best of luck with the exhibition, and we hope that visitors enjoy viewing some of the most iconic and scientifically valuable examples of the London’s Natural History Museum’s collection.”

Treasures will run from 4 July to 19 September and is being showcased by udnFunlife at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.


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Visitor information: the Treasures exhibition in the Cadogan Gallery at the Natural History Museum, London, remains open during the Treasures of the Natural World tour.

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