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Oceans Uncovered - an exclusive Lates event for 2017

Dive beneath the waves after hours and explore how some of the world's best marine researchers are helping protect the future of our oceans.

Chat to around 100 Museum scientists and their national and international partners and see the highlights of our marine collection, which unlocks the secrets to our oceans past and present.

Enjoy a drink with your friends underneath Hope, the new star of the Hintze Hall, and take part in some exclusive events, talks and shows including:

  • Whale trail - Museum scientist Natalie Cooper will give you a special insight into how and why the stunning 25.2 metre diving blue whale provides vital scientific evidence that is unlocking answers to some of the big challenges facing our oceans today.
  • Explore some other giants of the ocean, and see how surprisingly, they are similar to us. Shark scientists will be on hand to show you how their teeth are similar to humans and how these iconic ocean giants have thrived on our planet for over 400 million years. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the new four metre long blue marlin, the first to be washed up on UK shores and one of the largest specimens to be displayed in fluid Damien Hurst style.
  • Go on a journey through time to explore our complicated relationship with the ocean and see why coral reefs are one of the most important ecosystems on our planet.
  • Explore how technology is allowing our scientists to travel to the darkest depths of our oceans to understand the surprising creatures that survive there.
  • See how some sea animals are some of the most toxic animals on Earth, but can also contribute to research into life-saving drug treatment.

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