Shrimp taxonomy

Caridina nilotica shrimp

Caridina nilotica © Michaelwild, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Principal Investigator

Dr Paul Clark

Project summary

  • Focus: Amending the Caridina freshwater shrimp taxonomy.

We are revising the confused taxonomy of the Caridina freshwater shrimp group.

Species assigned to the Caridina group are highly variable, with many overlapping characteristics. This has created an unclear systematic status for the group as numerous subspecies, varieties and forms have been assigned. A number of species have also been described without the authors examining type material of closely related taxa.


The problem is particularly acute for African species, where we are focusing our clarification efforts. The aims of the study include:

  • the redescription of some valid species with discussion of morphological variations
  • the description of species new to science
  • illustrations of diagnostic characters
  • citation of geographic distribution for each species
  • provision of identification keys

This work involves classical alpha taxonomy:

  • examination of type and non-type material
  • dissection of appendages under low-power binocular microscope
  • illustration of appendages with inked figures made from pencil drawings sketched using a camera lucida attached to the microscope
  • written description of characters to include synonymy, remarks, distribution of species and etymology of species name if new to science
  • list of material examined and sometimes a key to identify species examined


External collaborators


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Mirimin L, Kitchin N, Impson D N, Clark P F, Richard J, Roodt-Wilding R (submitted) Genetic and morphologic characterization of Caridina africana (Kingsley, 1882) reveals the presence of alien shrimps in the Cape Floristic Region, South Africa.

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