Schistosomiasis collection (SCAN)

Electron micrograph of a male/female pair of adult schistosomes.

Electron micrograph of a male/female pair of adult schistosomes.

Principal Investigator

Dr Aidan Emery

Project summary

Focus: Building a global repository of schistosomiasis related specimens and contextual data providing a resource for essential research into schistosomiasis. 

Funding: Wellcome Trust

Creating a schistosomiasis collection at the Natural History Museum

The SCAN project is:

  • consolidating existing collections and data
  • ensuring storage methods for samples are compatible with analysis by a range of techniques associated with molecular-based research
  • transferring specimens into the best possible storage systems
  • providing safe and stable storage of specimens collected as part of external research programmes
  • facilitating research by providing access to the collections and data. 

Supporting schistosomiasis research

We aim to serve the schistosomiasis research community by:

  • providing data and samples 
  • sample processing by appropriate molecular techniques 

We welcome contact from all interested parties.

SCAN catalogue

Repository of Schistosoma research specimens and material

Interested in collaboration?

We welcome collaboration with the schistosomiasis research community.