Environmental change in UK freshwater systems

Noctuoid moth

A Slavonian grebe © Papchinskaya, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Project summary

  • Focus: the impacts of environmental change in a range of UK freshwater systems

Our researchers study the impacts of environmental change in a range of UK freshwater systems. 

Projects being conducted by our researchers include:

Metapopulation studies in shallow lake systems

Chironomids have been used as part of a multiproxy study to understand the role of dispersal and eutrophication in population dynamics of the highly-interconnected Upper Lough Erne system in Northern Ireland. (Contact: Jorge Salgado)

Chironomid abundance and the success of Slavonian Grebes at Loch Ruthven

By studying Chironomid abundance in sediment cores from Loch Ruthven in the Scottish Highlands we established the breeding success of the rare Slavonian Grebe correlates, significantly, to chironomid abundance. (Contact: Steve Brooks)

The impacts on biodiversity of river restoration of English chalk streams

We are investigating the decline in the abundance and diversity of river invertebrates and monitoring the effects of river restoration projects. (Contact: Murray Thompson)


Biodiversity research

We are creating molecular and digital tools to explore undiscovered biodiversity

Insect research

Our scientists are conserving and investigating the Museum's collections to help with cutting edge research

Entomology collections

Browse the oldest and most important entomology collection in the world of over 34 million insects and arachnids