Cadmium levels in brown crab meat

Cancer pagurus crab

Cancer pagurus, one species of edible crab © Hans Hillewaert, Wikimedia Creative Commons

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  • Focus: to work with the Food Standards Agency to develop guidance for the crab processing industry.

We are working with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to create guidelines for processing brown crab meat.

The European Commission recommends that each member state produces guidance on the consumption of brown meat from crabs, as it can contain cadmium.

Brown crab meat is derived from inside the carapace (shell), as opposed to white crab meat which comes from the claws and legs.

The FSA has convened a working group to look at ways to reduce cadmium levels in brown crab meat through different processing methods. The aim of the group is to develop guidance for the crab processing industry.

The FSA has commissioned a survey of cadmium in brown crab meat and related products to better understand this issue in the UK and ensure data is up to date.

The survey found that cadmium concentrations in these products varies widely. Therefore it is currently not possible to advise consumers how much brown crab meat  they can safely eat.

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  • Gavin Shears 
    Food Standards Agency
  • Richard Burden
    Food Standards Agency

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