eduroam (education roaming) is the secure roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

eduroam lets staff, researchers and students access the internet when visiting other participating institutions.

Museum staff

You will need to configure and test your system at the Museum before accessing eduroam at another institution.

Please select the configuration notes and follow the instructions provided for your system:

If you need help configuring your system, please contact the IT service desk (x6000).

Accessing the internet at other institutions

Museum staff can access the eduroam internet service at any participating organisation. To use eduroam, you will need to enter your username in the following format:

Virtual private network (VPN)

eduroam allows access to the internet but does not allow access to internal Museum services without the use of a VPN.

Users wishing to access internal Museum systems will have to log on to the Museum VPN service. Contact our IT service desk (x6000) for details.

The level of local network access at any participating organisation is set by the host institution, and may vary from one location to the next.

Expired password

Your password can expire without prompting you to change it. Should your password expire, please contact the IT service desk (x6000).

Museum visitors

eduroam is available in the following staff areas:


  • cryptogamic herbarium and mezzanine

Darwin Centre one

  • office and lab areas

Darwin Centre two

  • Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity
  • Attenborough Studio
  • Cocoon collections areas
  • north zone, including all meeting and seminar rooms

Earth galleries

  • second, fourth and sixth floors

General Library 

  • Reading Room
  • Rare Book room
  • first-floor offices


  • collections areas

Wandsworth storage facility

  • zoology ground-floor store

Wildlife Garden office


  • large vertebrate store

eduroam is unavailable in some staff areas and the Museum is unable to provide technical support to visitors.

Conditions of use

When using eduroam at another organisation, you are bound by the Museum's IT conditions of use, the JANET acceptable use policy (AUP), and the AUP of the organisation you are visiting. 

Breaching any of these could result in disciplinary procedures.

Client settings for eduroam

  • SSID: eduroam
  • username:
  • authentication mode: WPA2
  • data encryption: AES
  • trusted root certification authority: ipsCA Global CA Root
  • use machine information for domain logon: disable
  • use Windows username and password: disable


Visit the eduroam website