Digitisation services

Video wall illustrating the water cycle

A section of the giant video wall illustrating the water cycle in the Ecology gallery at the Natural History Museum, London

If you’re unable to visit the Library and Archives in person, we offer a cost-effective on-demand digitisation service. We only offer on-demand digitisation for books or resources that the Museum holds the sole copy of.  

If you place a digitisation order with us, we will do our best to supply you with a digital or print copy of the item you need.


  • £12 plus VAT for orders up to 30 pages
  • 50p plus VAT per extra page for orders of more than 30 pages
  • if you require a physical copy of the material, there will be an additional charge to cover postage (first-class within the UK and airmail for international orders)
  • we do not accept IFLA vouchers


  • If the item is still under copyright, we can only supply one chapter/article or up to 10 per cent of the total work, depending on the item’s characteristics.
  • Copies of items may only be used for non-commercial purposes. See the Library and Archives intellectual property terms and conditions for more information.
  • If an item is particularly fragile and at high risk of being harmed during the digitisation process, we will be unable to fulfil your order. 
  • We can only fulfil requests if we hold the only copy of the item in question. This includes many of the items held in our special collections and archives. 

How to order a digital copy of an item

1.       Search the Library and Archives collection to find the item or part of item you wish
          to have copied.

2.       Complete and sign a digitisation request form (PDF 280KB) and email it to us at

3.       We aim to send out the item within 10 working days.

4.       Documents over 10MB will be sent to customers via a link to Dropbox.

5.       You will be billed on delivery of the item. Please note that we expect full payment
          within 10 days of receipt of the work. See our invoice document (PDF 77 KB) for
          accepted payment methods.

If you require a large volume of material or an expedited service, please contact us before submitting your order.