Mineral systematics

MIneral against a white background

We are studying the fundamentals of mineral diversity as a record of the dynamic geological and environmental processes that have shaped Earth.

We explore geodiversity and discover minerals new to science. This work links with our collection and research activities and helps us understand natural processes and the Mineral Kingdom.

Our projects 

Diversity in the Mineral Kingdom

Using the mineral collection as a reference point, we are exploring how chemical, structural and property changes influence the diversity of Mineral Kingdom.

A woman leans inside a cabinet of displayed gem stones, she is wearing a glove and is rearranging the display

Robin Hansen installs a magnificent specimen of the rare mineral tanzanite into the Vault Gallery at the Museum. 

Mineralogical geodiversity of the British Isles

The British Isles are a mineralogically diverse region with new mineralogical associations discovered every year.

The geology of the British Isles represents a huge portion of geological time and a large array of geological environments. We are striving to ensure representative material is preserved in the national mineral collection.

New minerals and structures

We characterise, name and acquire minerals new to science.

Secondary tellurium minerals

What is the mobility of tellurium in the natural environment? We are characterising secondary tellurium minerals that represent an extremely diverse group of minerals.

Fundamental mineral nomenclature

How we classify, name, systematize and characterise mineral substances has a profound impact on the evolution of mineralogical sciences and influences how mineralogical knowledge is used by the scientific community.

Museum contacts

Mike Rumsey

Jens Najorka


Frederic Hatert (University of Liege, Belgium)

Frank Hawthorne (Emeritus Professor, University of Manitoba)

Tony Kampf (Los Angeles, USA)         

Annette Kleppe (Diamond Light Source, Harwell, UK)          

Stuart Mills (Museum Victoria, Australia)

Owen Missen (Monash University, Australia)

Anna Vymazalová (Czech Geological Survey, Czech Republic)          

Explore the Mineralogy Collections

The Mineralogy Collections at the Museum are made up of separate collections of minerals, gems, rocks, meteorites and ores.

Core labs and consulting

Our research labs are available for complex analyses of mineralogical and palaeontological samples, including ancient DNA.

Mineral sciences group

The mineral sciences group manages one of the world's most significant mineral collections.