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GridIon Lab

The Darwin Centre labs. Photo: Sarah Walkington

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We offer support for molecular diagnostics and characterisation of a wide variety of sample types and sources. Leveraging our extensive experience, we routinely and successfully extract and sequence DNA or RNA from the most difficult of samples. 

We offer a wide range of molecular services, from training and public engagement through to rapid commercial diagnostics, both clinical and environmental.

Our applications include:

  • Birdstrike – comprehensive forensic identification (molecular and morphological) of bird remains following collisions with aeroplanes or windfarms. 
  • Wildlife protection – identification of endangered and protected species, both wild fauna and flora
  • Species confirmation – accurate identification of species, fauna or flora. For example for auction houses, specialist animal or plant breeders
  • Food contamination analysis – Identifying unknown, unwanted, or unexpected ingredients
  • Food quality and safety – Confirm food products are as stated
  • Environmental monitoring for pests or invasive species
  • Environmental habitat quality assessments – through identification of key indicator species we can help characterise habitat health
  • Bespoke identification and characterisation of 'unknown' fauna or flora

Our Sequencing Equipment Includes:

Bespoke sample to data support

  • Sample preparation from any tissue type or environmental sample
  • DNA and RNA sequencing- Sanger, Next-Generation (Illumina) and 3rd Generation (Nanopore)
  • Bioinformatics

Lab support

We offer training to all museum staff and their official visitors. We can support and assist all lab users with everything from orientation and use of lab equipment to experimental design and trouble-shooting. 


ONT GridION, for long-read, Direct RNA and High throughput sequencing (H​TS).​​


Illumina MiSeq for HTS​ of small genomes or amplicons


ONT MinION and Flongle, for long-read, direct RNA and high throughput sequencing in the field. 

NextSeq 550

Illumina NextSeq550 for HTS of small genomes or amplicons.​​

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ABI 3730XL

Applied Biosystems 3730XL, for Sanger sequencing, ​Microsatellites or SNP analysis.

Teaching and training

The lab team has a comprehensive variety of expertise and we are happy to train people in any of our areas of expertise.

We offer assistance and advice to all staff as well as external enquiries.