3D visualisation

A butterfly wing section visualised using the laboratory's Alicona InfiniteFocus

The 3D visualisation laboratory has three scanners for digitising large-scale objects and specimens sized from 2cm to 3m.

The 3D lab houses an Alicona InfiniteFocus focal variation microscope for vertical surface digitisation on a microscopic scale.

We also support photogrammetric digitisation for the Museum’s researchers in the field.

All of these techniques generate detailed 3D polygon meshes, with photorealistic visual texturing and sub-millimetre measurement accuracy both possible.

The 3D Visualisation Laboratory is located within the Sackler Imaging Suite, funded by the Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation.

Originally known as the Sackler Biodiversity Imaging Laboratory, it opened in 2009 and was refurbished in 2015. It now houses both the 3D Visualisation Laboratory and our Light Microscopy facilities.