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The level or relative position of a taxon within the taxonomic hierarchy eg species, genus, family, and class. Taxonomic ranks are for nomenclatural purposes eg all families are at the same rank, which lies between superfamily and subfamily.
Informally named groups of animals, plants, amphibians and insects e.g. butterflies, frogs and birds.
for scientific name: The currently recognised scientific name for a species as recommended by the Natural History Museum and the National Biodiversity Network for use in the UK (in a few cases, this may differ from the name used in other countries). For common names: this is either an 'official' name or one in wide usage.
for a scientific name: (with rank below genus) to be 'well-formed', it must be correctly spelled and include an authority that complies with the applicable code of nomenclature. For a common name : it should have correct capitalisation and spelling.
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