Aeshna viridis Eversmann, 1836

Conservation status

  • Bern Convention Appendix 2: Current

    Special protection (`appropriate and necessary legislative and administrative measures`) for the animal taxa listed, including all forms of deliberate capture and keeping and deliberate killing; the deliberate damage to or destruction of breeding or resting sites; the deliberate disturbance of wild fauna, particularly during the period of breeding, rearing and hibernation, insofar as disturbance would be significant in relation to the objectives of this Convention; the deliberate destruction or taking of eggs from the wild or keeping these eggs even if empty; the possession of and internal trade in these animals, alive or dead, including stuffed animals and any readily recognisable part or derivative thereof, where this would contribute to the effectiveness of the provisions of this article.

  • Habitats Directive Annex 4: Current

    Animal and plant species of Community interest (i.e. endangered, vulnerable, rare or endemic in the European Community) in need of strict protection. They are protected from killing, disturbance or the destruction of them or their habitat. Note that the contents of this annex have been updated in April 2003 following the Treaty of Accession.

  • IUCN (pre 1994) - Endangered: Current

    Taxa in danger of extinction and whose survival is unlikely if the causal factors continue operating.. Superseded by new IUCN categories in 1994, so no longer in use.

Preferred name

  • Well-formed:
    NBN ID code:

    Aeshna viridis Eversmann, 1836


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