Absconditella annexa (Arnold) Vězda

Conservation status

  • Nationally rare: Current

    Occurring in 15 or fewer hectads in Great Britain. Excludes rare species qualifying under the main IUCN criteria.

  • Scottish Biodiversity List of species of principal importance for biodiversity conservation: Current

    The Scottish Biodiversity List is a list of flora, fauna and habitats considered by the Scottish Ministers to be of principal importance for biodiversity conservation. The development of the list has been a collaborative effort involving a great many stakeholders overseen by scientists from the Scottish Biodiversity Forum. Completion of the list is the first time such a stocktake has been done in Scotland. The Scottish Biodiversity List is a tool for public bodies and others doing their Biodiversity Duty. The publication of the Scottish Biodiversity List satisfies the requirements of Section 2(4) of The Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004.

Preferred name

  • Well-formed:
    NBN ID code:

    Absconditella annexa (Arnold) Vězda



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