Checklist of Insects of the British Isles (New Series) Part 1: Diptera (Chandler, 1998 and updates)

This is a comprehensive checklist containing the accepted scientific names and synonyms of true flies (Insecta: Diptera) found in the British Isles. It is based on Chandler, P.J., 1998. Checklist of Insects of the British Isles (New Series) Part 1: Dipter

Chandler, P.J., 1998, Checklists of Insects of the British Isles (New Series) Part 1: Diptera. Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects, 12, 1-234." Published by the Royal Entomological Society.

This list contains 6,672 species

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Peter Chandler
Last updated:
31 October 2007 
are different scientific names that pertain to the same taxon, for example two names for the same species. One basic principle of zoological nomenclature is that the earliest correctly published and available name (the senior synonym) takes precedence and must be used for the taxon, if no other restrictions interfere.
Common name:
A common name of an organism (also known as a vernacular name, colloquial name, trivial name, trivial epithet, country name, or farmer's name) is a name in general use within a community; it is often contrasted with a scientific name.
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