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General help

The primary purposes of this site are to allow access to the information held within the Spruce database and to provide useful information about Richard Spruce, his travels and specimens.

What information is held in the database?

The database contains three types of information:

(1) Label information

Information about habitat, environment and location from the labels has been transcribed and entered into various fields in the database. These fields are accessible from the specimen list page which is displayed when you carry out a search.

(2) Determination information

The full determination history of the specimen is available and is displayed on the specimen detail page underneath the image of the specimen if there is one.

(3) Notebook information

Spruces notebooks contain information about his collections. We have transcribed the notebook entries and these are available through the searches. Not all of Spruce's specimens have collection number and subsequently these have no notebook entry. There are also some collection numbers for that there are no entries in the notebooks. There is a Latin Glossary which contains words and phrases which occur frequently in Spruce's descriptions.


Who to contact

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