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Country: England
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Aldsworth England 1835   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Allport England   
Appley Bridge England 1914   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Ashdon England 1923   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Barwell England 1965   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Basingstoke England 1806   Fall
Baydon England   Fall Iron
Beeston England 1780   Fall Stone
Colston Bassett England   Find Stone
Danebury England 1974   Find Stone Ordinary H
East Norton England 1803   Fall Stone
Glastonbury England 1806   Fall Stone
Glatton England 1991   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Halstead England   Fall Stone
Harrogate England 1842   
Hatford England 1628   Fall Stone
Launton England 1830   Fall Stone Ordinary L
London England   Fall Stone
Malpas England 1813   Fall Stone
Menabilly England   Fall
Middlesbrough England 1881   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Mixbury England 1725   Fall Stone
Rowton England 1876   Fall Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Stretchleigh England 1623   Fall Stone
Tregnie England 1622   Fall Stone
Wold Cottage England 1795   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Woodbridge England 1642   Fall Stone
Yaddlethorpe England 1963   Fall Stone
Yorkshire England 1360   Fall Stone
Records 1 - 29 of 29
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