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Country: Poland
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Baszkówka Poland 1994   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Bialystok Poland 1827   Fall Stone Howardite HOW
Czestochowa Rakow I Poland   Find Iron Finest octahedrite
Czestochowa Rakow II Poland   Find Iron Finest octahedrite
Gaj Poland 1927   Fall
Gdynia Poland 1959   Fall
Gnadenfrei Poland 1879   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Grüneberg Poland 1841   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Grzempach Poland 1910   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Keilce Poland   
Krzadka Poland 1929   Find Iron Octahedrite
Lowicz Poland 1935   Fall Stony-iron Mesosiderite MES
Morasko Poland 1914   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite IIICD
Oborniki Poland 1955   Find Iron
Ostrzeszów Poland 1907   
Pomorze Poland 1931   Find Iron
Pultusk Poland 1868   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Ratyn Poland 1880   Fall Stone
Sagan Poland 1636   Fall Stone
Schellin Poland 1715   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Schwetz Poland 1850   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Seeläsgen Poland 1847   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite IIICD
Swindnica Gorna Poland 1858   
Warsaw I Poland    Iron
Wietrzno-Bobrka Poland   Find Iron Octahedrite
Zaklodzie Poland 1998   Find Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Records 1 - 26 of 26
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