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Country: Pakistan
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Adhi Kot Pakistan 1919   Fall Stone Enstatite EH
Arundu Pakistan 1936   Fall Stone
Gambat Pakistan 1897   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Garhi Yasin Pakistan 1917   Fall Iron Medium octahedrite IIE
Jajh deh Kot Lalu Pakistan 1926   Fall Stone Enstatite EL
Jhung Pakistan 1873   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Karkh Pakistan 1905   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Karloowala Pakistan 1955   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Khairpur Pakistan 1873   Fall Stone Enstatite EL
Kulak Pakistan 1961   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Lodran Pakistan 1868   Fall Stone Lodranite LOD
Mardan Pakistan 1948   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Sindhri Pakistan 1901   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Thal Pakistan 1950   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Visuni Pakistan 1915   Fall Stone Ordinary H