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Country: Nigeria
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Akwanga Nigeria 1959   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Bununu Nigeria 1942   Fall Stone Howardite HOW
Geidam Nigeria 1950   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Git-Git Nigeria 1947   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Gujba Nigeria 1984   Fall Stone Ungrouped UNGR
Kabo Nigeria 1971   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Karewar Nigeria 1949   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Mayo Belwa Nigeria 1974   Fall Stone Aubrite AUB
Ohuma Nigeria 1963   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Richa Nigeria 1960   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IID
Udei Station Nigeria 1927   Fall Iron Medium octahedrite IAB
Uwet Nigeria 1903   Find Iron Hexahedrite IIAB
Zagami Nigeria 1962   Fall Stone Shergottite SNC