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Country: Kazakstan
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Bischtübe Kazakstan 1888   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite IAB
Bogoslovka Kazakstan 1948   Find Stone Ordinary H
Darinskoe Kazakstan 1984   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite IIC
Dorofeevka Kazakstan 1910   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite IIF
Efremovka Kazakstan 1962   Find Stone Carbonaceous CV
Erofeevka Kazakstan 1937   Find Stone Ordinary H
Kaptal-Aryk Kazakstan 1937   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Karakol Kazakstan 1840   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Mamra Springs Kazakstan 1927   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Nikolaevka Kazakstan 1935   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Novorybinskoe Kazakstan 1937   Find Iron Fine octahedrite IVA
Pavlodar (pallasite) Kazakstan 1885   Find Stony-iron Pallasite PAL
Pavlodar (stone) Kazakstan 1938   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Zaisan Kazakstan 1963   Fall Stone Ordinary H