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Country: Germany
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Aachen Germany   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Augsburg (1528) Germany 1528   Fall Stone
Augsburg (952) Germany 952   Fall Stone
Barntrup Germany 1886   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Benthullen Germany 1951   Find Stone Ordinary L
Bitburg Germany 1805   Find Iron IAB
Breitscheid Germany 1956   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Bremervörde Germany 1855   Fall Stone Ordinary H/L
Darmstadt Germany 1804   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Dermbach Germany 1924   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Eichstädt Germany 1785   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Emsland Germany 1940   Find Iron Medium octahedrite UNGR
Ermendorf Germany 1677   Fall Stone
Erxleben Germany 1812   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Forsbach Germany 1900   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Friedland Germany 1304   Fall Stone
Gilzem Germany 1987   Find Stone Ordinary H
Gütersloh Germany 1851   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Hainholz Germany 1856   Find Stony-iron Mesosiderite MES
Hanau Germany 1877   Find Stone
Hungen Germany 1877   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Ibbenbüren Germany 1870   Fall Stone Diogenite DIO
Inningen Germany 1998   Find Iron IIAB
Kiel Germany 1962   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Klein-Wenden Germany 1843   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Kloster Schefftlar Germany 1722   Fall Stone
Krähenberg Germany 1869   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Kunersdorf Germany 1591   
Linum Germany 1854   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Magdeburg Germany 998   Fall Stone
Records 1 - 30 of 68
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