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Country: Finland
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Abo Finland 1840   Find Stone Ordinary H
Bjurböle Finland 1899   Fall Stone Ordinary L/LL
Haverö Finland 1971   Fall Stone Ureilite URE
Hvittis Finland 1901   Fall Stone Enstatite EL
Kivesvaara Finland 1968   Find Stone Carbonaceous CM
Luotolax Finland 1813   Fall Stone Howardite HOW
Metsäkylä Finland 1938   Find Stone Ordinary H
Orimattila Finland 1974   Find Stone Ordinary H
Salla Finland 1963   Find Stone Ordinary L
St. Michel Finland 1910   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Valkeala Finland 1962   Find Stone Ordinary L
Varpaisjärvi Finland 1913   Find Stone Ordinary L