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Country: China
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Alatage China 1959   Find Iron
Anlong China 1971   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Armanty China 1898   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIE
Bo Xian China 1977   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Chadong China 1998   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Changde China 1977   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Changxing China 1964   Find Stone Ordinary H
Dong Ujimqin Qi China 1995   Fall Stony-iron Mesosiderite MES
Dongtai China 1970   Fall Stone Ordinary LL
Duan China   Find Iron
Dunhua China 1976   Fall Stone
Enshi China 1974   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Fenghsien-Ku China 1924   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Fengzhen China   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Fujian China   Find Iron
Fuling China 1960   Find Iron
Fuyang China 1977   Fall Stone
Guanghua China 1932   Find Iron Fine octahedrite IVA
Guangmingshan China 1996   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Guangnan China 1983   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Guangrao China 1980   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Guangyuan China 1965   Find Iron
Guixi China   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Guizhou China   Find Iron
Hebei China   Find Stone Ordinary L
Hechi China 1956   Find Stone
Hejing China 1965   Find Iron
Hotse China 1956   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Huangling China   Find Iron Octahedrite IVA
Inner Monglia China 1963   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Records 1 - 30 of 92
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