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Country: Brazil
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Name Country Year Find/Fall Type Class Group
Angra dos Reis (stone) Brazil 1869   Fall Stone Angrite ANGR
Avanhandava Brazil 1952   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Balsas Brazil 1974   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Barbacena Brazil 1918   Find Iron Fine octahedrite UNGR
Bendegó Brazil 1784   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite IC
Bezerros Brazil 1915   Fall Iron
Blumenau Brazil   Find Iron Fine octahedrite IVA
Bocaiuva Brazil 1965   Find Iron Ataxite UNGR
Cacilandia Brazil   Find Stone Ordinary H
Campos Sales Brazil 1991   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Casimiro de Abreu Brazil 1947   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Conquista Brazil 1965   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Cratheús (1931) Brazil 1914   Find Iron Fine octahedrite IVA
Cratheús (1950) Brazil 1909?   Find Iron Plessitic octahedrite IIC
Curvello Brazil   Fall Iron
Governador Valadares Brazil 1958   Find Stone Nakhlite SNC
Ibitira Brazil 1957   Fall Stone Eucrite EUC
Iguaracu Brazil 1977   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Indianópolis Brazil 1989   Find Iron Coarsest octahedrite IIAB
Ipiranga Brazil 1972   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Ipitinga Brazil 1989   Find Stone Ordinary H
Itapicuru-Mirim Brazil 1879   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Itapuranga Brazil   Find Iron Coarse octahedrite IAB
Itutinga Brazil 1960   Find Iron Medium octahedrite IIIAB
Macau Brazil 1836   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Mafra Brazil 1941   Fall Stone Ordinary L
Maria da Fé Brazil 1987   Find Iron IVA
Marilia Brazil 1971   Fall Stone Ordinary H
Minas Gerais Brazil 1888   Find Stone Ordinary L
Monte Alto Brazil 1888   Find Iron
Records 1 - 30 of 60
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