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Linnaean Name: Trifolium repens Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 2 : 767 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in Europae pascuis."
Type: Lectotype : Herb. Linn. No. 930.16 (LINN)
Designated by: Fawcett & Rendle in Fl. Jamaica 4 : 13 (1920)
Current Name: Trifolium repens L.
Current Family: Fabaceae: Faboideae
Comments: Although Fawcett & Rendle stated only "Type in Herb. Linn.", there is only one sheet associated with this name so it is accepted as the lectotype. Rudd (in Dassanayake & Fosberg, Revised Handb. Fl. Ceylon 1: 453. 1980) subsequently treated Herb. Clifford: 375, Trifolium 18 (BM) as type but this choice is pre-dated by that of Fawcett & Rendle.
Record last updated: 14/10/2005