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Linnaean Name: Spartium junceum Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 2 : 708 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in G. Narbonensi, Italia, Sicilia, Turcia."
Generitype of: Spartium Linnaeus
Designated by: Green, Prop. Brit. Bot.: 174. 1929.
Type: Lectotype : Herb. Clifford: 356, Spartium 1, sheet 1 (BM-000646559)
Designated by: Elkington in Jarvis & al. (ed.), Regnum Veg. 127 : 90 (1993)
Current Name: Spartium junceum L.
Current Family: Fabaceae: Faboideae
Comments: Jafri (in Jafri & El-Gadi, Fl. Libya 86: 27. 1980) indicated 891.5 (LINN) as type, but this sheet lacks the Species Plantarum number (i.e. "1") and is a post-1753 addition to the collection. It is not original material for the name. Rechinger & Ali (in Rechinger, Fl. Iranica 157: 27. 1984) indicated unspecified Clifford material as type. Elkington's choice provides the first unequivocal typification.
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Record last updated: 13/06/2005