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Linnaean Name: Sorbus aucuparia Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 1 : 477 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in Europae frigidioribus."
Generitype of: Sorbus Linnaeus, typ. cons. prop.
Designated by: Sennikov (in Taxon 63: 1139-1140. 2014)
Type: Lectotype : Herb. Clifford: 188, Sorbus 1 [alpha], sheet A (BM-000628622)
Designated by: Düll in Jarvis & al. (ed.), Regnum Veg. 127 : 89 (1993)
Current Name: Sorbus aucuparia L.
Current Family: Rosaceae
Comments: Sorbus aucuparia was treated as the generitype by Rehder (Bibliogr. Cult. Trees Shrubs: 252. 1949) but this choice is pre-dated by that of Green (Prop. Brit. Bot.: 158. 1929) who chose S. domestica L. However, Sennikov (in Taxon 63: 1139-1140. 2014) has formally proposed S. domestica as the conserved type of the genus.
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Record last updated: 19/05/2015