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Linnaean Name: Salix amygdaloides Linnaeus, orth. var.
Reference: Flora Anglica : 24 (1754)
Provenance: "Habitat [in Anglia.]"
Type: Neotype : Salix amygdalina L., Carlstad, A. Axel W. Lund (S-4884)
Designated by: Belyaeva in Jarvis (ed.), Order out of Chaos : 808 (2007)
Current Name: Salix triandra L.
Current Family: Salicaceae
Comments: An orthographic variant of Salix amygdalina L. (1753), as noted by Stearn (Introd. Ray's Syn. Meth. Stirp. Brit. (Ray Soc. ed.): 68. 1973).
Record last updated: 03/07/2007