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Linnaean Name: Plantago strictissima Linnaeus, nom. rej. prop.
Reference: Amoenitates Academicae 4 : 478 (1759)
Provenance: "Habitat [Monspelii.]"
Type: Neotype : Italy. Piemonte, Cuneo, Bellino, Val varaita, 1942 m, 16 Jul 2008, Di Pietro & al. 2184 (HFLA)
Designated by: Di Pietro & al. in Taxon 62 : 635 (2013)
Current Name: Plantago maritima L.
Current Family: Plantaginaceae
Comments: See discussion of this name by Stearn (in Geck & Pressler, Festschr. Claus Nissen: 640-641. 1974). Di Pietro & al. (in Taxon 62: 635-637. 2013) proposed the conservation of P. serpentina All. against P. strictissima but this was not recommended by the Committee for Vascular Plants (see Taxon 63: 1364-1365. 2014). As part of their proposal, these authors designated a collection from Italy (Piemonte) as a neotype for Linnaeus' name.
Record last updated: 15/04/2015