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Linnaean Name: Ornithogalum umbellatum Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 1 : 307 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in Germannia, Gallia."
Generitype of: Ornithogalum Linnaeus
Type: Lectotype : "Heliocharmos" in Reneaulme, Specim. Hist. Pl., 88, 87, 1611
Designated by: Stearn in Ann. Mus. Goulandris 6 : 153, f. 6 (1983)
Current Name: Ornithogalum umbellatum L.
Current Family: Liliaceae/Hyacinthaceae
Comments: Ornithogalum umbellatum, with the type designated by Stearn, was proposed as conserved type of the genus by Jarvis (in Taxon 41: 566. 1992). However, the proposal was eventually ruled unnecessary by the General Committee (see Barrie, l.c. 55: 795-796. 2006 for a review of the history of this and related proposals).
El-Gadi (in Jafri & El-Gadi, Fl. Libya 57: 48. 1978) indicated "Herb. Linn. 228.9 (LINN)", a non-existent specimen, as type. Raamsdonk (in Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch. C, 85: 565. 1982) treated 428.13 (LINN) as the type. However, as it apparently came from Hasselquist (and hence not from Germany or France), it conflicts with the protologue, and Stearn's subsequent choice is accepted here.
Record last updated: 24/02/2015