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Linnaean Name: Ophrys monorchis Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 2 : 947 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in Europae pratis uliginosis."
Generitype of: Herminium Linnaeus
Type: Lectotype : Herb. Linn. No. 1056.22, middle specimen (LINN)
Designated by: Baumann & al. in Mitteilungsbl. Arbeitskr. Heim. Orchid. Baden-Württemberg 21 : 489, Abb. 21 (1989)
Current Name: Herminium monorchis (L.) R. Br.
Current Family: Orchidaceae
Comments: Epithet spelled "monochris" in the protologue.
Ophrys monorchis is the basionym of Herminium monorchis (L.) R. Br., the type of Herminium. Linnaeus knew this species from several different parts of Sweden. Baumann & al. assume the type (which Linnaeus associates with his Flora Suecica account of 1745) to have been collected by Linnaeus in Skåne in 1741, although the material bears no annotation that might confirm this.
Record last updated: 10/04/2006