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Linnaean Name: Onosma echioides (Linnaeus) Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum, ed. 2, 1 : 196 (1762)
Provenance: "Habitat in Austriae, Pannoniae, Helvetiae, Galliae, Italiae rupibus."
Basionym: Cerinthe echioides L. (1753)
Generitype of: Onosma Linnaeus
Designated by: Johnston in J. Arnold Arbor. 35: 73. 1954.
Type: Lectotype : "Anchusa echioides lutea, cerinthoides mont." in Colonna, Ekphr., 182, 183, 1606
Designated by: Lacaita in Nuovo Giorn. Bot. Ital., n.s., 31 : 24 (1924)
Current Name: Onosma echioides (L.) L.
Current Family: Boraginaceae
Comments: See Stearn (in Ann. Mus. Goulandris 9: 235-238. 1994) on the gender of Onosma.
Record last updated: 11/04/2006