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Linnaean Name: Medicago minima (Linnaeus) Linnaeus, nom. inval.
Reference: Flora Anglica : 21 (1754)
Type: Type not relevant.
Current Name: Medicago minima (L.) Bartal.
Current Family: Fabaceae: Faboideae
Comments: Shinners (in Rhodora 58: 3. 1956) questioned whether the recombination of var. minima at species rank was made by Linnaeus (in Fl. Anglica: 21. 1954). Shinners suggested that this is an error of interpretation, as Linnaeus subsequently continued to treat the taxon as a variety of M. polymorpha. Shinners accepted Bartalini (1776) as the first to make the combination at species rank, as did Stearn (Introd. Ray's Syn. Meth. Stirp. Brit. (Ray Soc. ed.): 57. 1973). Greuter (in Candollea 44: 563. 1989) disagreed, arguing that the combination dates from 1754. Brummitt & Meikle (in Watsonia 19: 181-183. 1993) argued, however, that there are typographical variants of the thesis which make it unreasonable to interpret names such as this (though they focussed particularly on two names in Primula) as a new combination.
Record last updated: 12/10/2004