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Linnaean Name: Allium chamaemoly Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 1 : 301 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat in Italia."
Type: Lectotype : "Chamaemoli" in Colonna, Ekphr., 325, 326, 1606
Designated by: Stearn in Ann. Mus. Goulandris 4 : 146 (1978)
Current Name: Allium chamaemoly L.
Current Family: Liliaceae/Alliaceae
Comments: De Wilde-Duyfjes (in Taxon 22: 60. 1973) incorrectly designated material in Herb. Bauhin, "IX Chamaemoly Columna" (BAS), not seen by Linnaeus, as lectotype. Stearn (in Ann. Mus. Goulandris 4: 146. 1978) therefore rejected this choice, designating a Colonna illustration (reproduced in Jarvis, Order out of Chaos: 118. 2007) as the lectotype. Pastor & Valdés (in Revis. Gen. Allium Penins. Iber. Islas Baleares: 98. 1983) follow Stearn while noting the existence of material in Herb. Burser (III: 110).
Record last updated: 01/08/2007