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Linnaean Name: Adonis annua Linnaeus var. phoenicea Linnaeus
Reference: Species Plantarum 1 : 547 (1753)
Provenance: "Habitat inter segetes Europae australis."
Type: Lectotype : "Adonis flore pallido" in Mattioli, Pl. Epit., 648, 648, 1586
Designated by: Rico in Jarvis & al. (ed.), Taxon 54 : 468 (2005)
Epitype: Serbia & Montenegro. 20m W of Belgrade on Autoput. Waste place on road verge. Between 2-300ft 7 June 1955. W. Sladen 6/5/40 (BM)
Designated by: Rico in Jarvis & al. (ed.), Taxon 54 : 468 (2005)
Current Name: Adonis aestivalis L.
Current Family: Ranunculaceae
Comments: Steinberg (in Webbia 25: 302. 1971) reproduced the protologue, and discussed what he believed to be the original elements, including several Bauhin collections in BAS which were never seen by Linnaeus and cannot be considered original material. Rico rejected Steinberg's choice in favour of a cited Mattioli plate.
Record last updated: 22/03/2006