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Current Comb:DRACONIA basipleta Warren, 1905
Original Comb:Original genus unconfirmed Warren, 1905
MS Comb:
Subfamily:Subfamily unassigned
Last updated by Peter Wing - 10/05/2011

Original publication details:

Scientific Name of Taxon:  basipleta        Original Rank:  ?   
Current Status:  Valid Name     Current Rank:  SPECIES
Original Combination:  Original genus unconfirmed ! Warren, 1905
Comments:  Notes on systematic card: MS transfer to Orneostoma Warren, M Shaffer, 1989
Original Description Reference:  Warren (1905) . P. U. S. Mus. (on page 349)   

Current valid name:

Current Valid Name:  DRACONIA basipleta Warren, 1905   
Current Valid Name Reference: