LepIndex: acknowledgements and funding sources

We are grateful to our colleagues at the Natural History Museum, in particular Michael Shaffer, who not only provided much useful information about the pyraloid index card archive, but who also spent much time updating pyraloid records in the LepIndex VIADOCS database. We are also very grateful to Mike Lowndes (the NHM Webmaster) for giving Mike Sadka the time to programme the LepIndex Website (as part of the Web Strategy Group-funded Data Delivery project), and to Paul Henderson (former NHM Director of Science) for providing additional funding to employ George Beccaloni.

We thank the following organisations for financial support:

BBSRC/EPSRC Bioinformatics Initiative (grant references 40/BIO11938 and 84/BIO11933). Two year grant to NHM awarded to Malcolm Scoble and Gaden Robinson, January 2001. The University of Essex (Andy Downton and Simon Lucas) was awarded a three year grant which ran until January 2003.

NHM Collections Database Board Data-Capture Project. Grant awarded to Malcolm Scoble and Gaden Robinson in 2001 for 3 month's salary costs.

European Network for Biodiversity Information (ENBI). Grant awarded to Malcolm Scoble in January 2003 for 6 month's salary costs.

Species 2000 europa ('EuroCat'). Funding for 6 month's salary costs awarded to Malcolm Scoble in February 2003.

NHM Special Funds. Funding for 70 days salary costs, awarded in September 2003 to James Mallet (Professor of Biological Diversity, University College London and Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Entomology) and Phillip Ackery (Collections Manager of Lepidoptera, Department of Entomology).

NHM Entomology Department's Departmental Research Funds
Funding awarded to George Beccaloni in September 2003 for 6 day's salary costs; in February 2004 for 34 day's salary costs; and in May 2004 for 26 day's salary costs.

Viadocs projectWritten by George Beccaloni Feb. 2003. Last updated 12-Oct-2004

4D4Life. Funding awarded to Chris Lyal which enabled a data assistant to be employed for 3 months to enter data into current name fields of the VIADOCS database.

Species2000. Funding for operational improvements including 7 months salary costs for a data assistant awarded to Chris Lyal in March 2011.

NHM Short Term Posts. Funding awarded to Ian Kitching and Thomas Simonsen in February 2011 for 12 months salary costs.