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Pleurosalenia Pomel, 1883, p. 94

Diagnostic Features
  • Apical disc relatively flat and raised above the corona, with smooth, unornamented plates and weak to strong sutural pits.
  • Periproct offset to posterior right from anterior-posterior axis; generally a little smaller than the suranal plate.
  • Gonopore opening subcentral on genital plate and clearly visible in aboral view.
  • Ambulacral plating entirely unigeminate; zone of granulation developed between the two columns of primary tubercles.
  • Primary tubercles imperforate and crenulate; no scrobicular tubercles on adradial side.
  • Peristome with weak buccal notches.
Late Cretaceous (Campanian) to Late Eocene; Europe, Former Soviet Union, Pakistan and Australia.
Name gender feminine
Salenia tertiaria Tate, 1877, by original designation.
Species Included
  • P. heberti (Cotteau, 1861); Late Campanian to Early Maastrichtian of Europe.
  • P. maestrichtensis (Schluter); Maastrichtian, Europe.
  • P. bonissenti (Cotteau); Maastrichtian, Europe.
  • P. schluteri (Lambert); Maastrichtian, The Netherlands.
  • P. karakachi (Weber); Danian, Crimea.
  • P. selandica (Ravn); Danian, Denmark.
  • P. blandfordi (Duncan & Sladen, 1883); Late Palaeocene, Pakistan.
  • P. tertiaria (Tate, 1877); Late Eocene, Australia.
Classification and/or Status

Salenioida; Saleniidae; Saleniinae.

Presumed monophyletic.


Species in this taxon have entirely unigeminate ambulacral plating, which distinguishes it from its immediate sister-group Salenia. Pleurosalenia differs from Salenocidaris in having smooth, unornamented apical disc plates.

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