The Echinoid Directory

Family Paurocidaridae Vadet, 2001, p. 91


  Crown group echinoids with:

  • test small, coronal plates more or less firmly sutured;
  • apical disc loosely bound to corona;
  • ambulacral plating simple, pore-pairs uniserial; a single tubercle to each plate;
  • interambulacral plates with single large primary tubercle; tubercles crenulate and with small central perforation; mamelon increase in size adapically;
  • no perignathic girdle.
Triassic, Europe.

This monogeneric family is distinguished from Triadocidaridae by its obviously crenulate tubercles. Although it resembles a cidaroid in external form, the lack of any internal perignathic girdle immediately sets it apart. Serpianotiaridae differ in having pseudocompound ambulacra with pore-pairs arranged biserially in each ambulacral column adorally. Distinguished from Polycidarids like Zbindenicidaris by its simple uniform tuberculation.

Vadet, A. 2001. Revision des echinides de Saint Cassian et evolution des echinides post-carboniferes. Memoires de la Societe Academique du Boulonnais 20, 1-116.